Create a first board

To create your board, various browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

  1. Click on "My Boards" item in the top menu
  2. Use wizard to create and personalize your board
    • Indicate your target hashtags or handles in the twitter zones, preview the results
    • Resize zones and change the page setup
    • Explore all available Apps in the market place
    • Be creative, have fun!
Create some Wondercards

  1. Click on "My Cards" item in the top menu
  2. Pick up a template in the gallery to quickly create your cards
    • Define hashtag(s) to your card
    • Add picture and text
    • Be creative, have fun!
Choose your Wonderboard Device

    A wide range of hardware (screens and computing devices) can support Wonderboard. Find your solution in the recommendations table.

    • Viewsonic Commercial Signage CDE series
    • Intel NUC Core i3 or higher
    • Beelink Windows Intel Graphics Dongle

    • Wonderboard may work on your HTML5 TV. However we do not recommend this solution: i) setup and maintenance may be difficult ii) all animations may not be supported iii) the TV’s integrated browser might not be 100% HTML standard compliant, leading to bad display.
Prepare your Wonderboard Device

  1. Install Google Chrome (mandatory)
    • The Wonderboard is optimized for Chrome. You will get the best experience only if you are using Chrome to display Wonderboard.
    Download Chrome
  2. Configure Windows (optional but recommended)
    • Remove any screen saver and power off option,
    • Configure a user account to log on automatically,
    • Setup the device to start Google Chrome automatically at startup.
  3. Launch Chrome and open the url of your board
    • URL of your board can be found in My Boards/Share/Copy URL
    • At the first launch of your board on a device, you will be asked to give a Screen Name (used by Wonderboard mobile application). Your board appears then automatically after few seconds.
    • Display Chrome in full screen mode (F11).
Enjoy your Wonderboard

    Dynamique, Engaging, Unique!

    You can update your boards (and cards) in real time. Any change done (i.e. save) on your board will be reflected automatically on the screens with no need for human intervention.